Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We all engineers feel overwhelmed, stressed, good for nothing, and worthless when at college. We are overwhelmed with work, stressed about how hard it is, and how you are not done yet when you haven't procrastinated. Frustrated with the world because your GPA is dropping like crazy since you started doing all-science semesters. 

Here's a cheat sheet for whenever you feel overwhelmed, stressed or frustrated. 

1. For whenever you feel overwhelmed:
Remember to take a break, even if you feel like if you take a break you won't be able to finish, you won't be ale to finish if you take that break. So just don't procrastinate, but don't overwork either. Also try working with groups, they can make you laugh while doing work and it doesn't feel as tedious. 

2. For whenever you feel you won't get a job because of your grades:
Engineering majors are hard man, that's all I can tell you. Just focus on passing and obtaining that degree. 
In case you feel that even with a degree you won't get a decent job:

3. When you get tired of self teach yourself due to the lack of good professors:
Just feel good about the fact that you can learn by yourself, and might someday play that card in a job interview so they can see that you can self-learn. 

4. When you feel you are going to fail a class:
People fail classes, and that's normal. Just remember that this is a trial and error step in your life and if you screw up you'll always have next semester to take the class again. And since you had previous knowledge about the subject you'll do good. The world won't end because you fail one class and you shouldn't care what other people think about that because it's your life and your struggles. 

5. When you feel everybody around you is doing better than you:
Just focus on the fact that you are passing the class, and in the case you are not, don't be shy and ask your classmates for help. There will always be that smart Asian kid, you just focus on you. 

6. When you feel unsure about getting a job graduating from a mediocre university:

7. When you don't get accepted into the internship/job you wanted:
Just keep searching, and applying to everything and anything you see. Your first internship/job will unlikely be the one you really one. If you don't get accepted in any, start you own thing like an app, or a program, or volunteer in a non-profitable project. Just don't stop working. 

So whenever you feel sad, depressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, or stressed. Read through this list, and if needed research more about other people who have felt what you are feeling right now. 

You are not alone.