Saturday, April 12, 2014

Week #50: Driving in USA and going to Panama! (04.07.14 - 04.12.14)

On Monday I did my usual... Econ class, then physics and then calculus. I received a packet with the shirt I'm gonna use for the Disney 10-Miler! It's a t-shirt made out of bamboo technology Something like that, and it says Mad Hatter on the front (from Alice in Wonderland) and it has the hat in the back with RUN written under it. It looks pretty neat, and it "glows" in the dark, we'll see haha. I also got my Enterprise Car Share card, which means I can now drive! :D I still don't know when will be my first ride but I'm thinking of Monday after I come back from Panama to do some grocery shopping. 

On Tuesday I got the chance to sleep until noon because I had no physics lab but I ended up waking at 9:15 am... What bothers me is that I went to bed at around 2:30 am because I was finishing the fourth Harry Potter book and I really wanted the extra sleep, but oh well. This whole morning I've been looking into degree works and internships I could take next year, and I'm getting really depressed because my GPA is going to drop a lot thanks to calculus II and economics :( What if nobody hires me? I don't even see hiring material in me... Well I was finally able to register for Fall classes and I'm so happy because I got the schedule I wanted!!! Minutes before registering I search the calculus III class to see how many seats were left and it said 0, but when I registered I got a seat! I think they opened a couple of seats for the students registering today, either way, this has made me so happy! I also drove for the first time in the states! I was so nervous but the minute I backed out from the parking lot it felt like just any other day driving :) I went to Target to buy a trifold for my leadership presentation because the bookstore didn't have any and the trifold ended up looking good :) I was about to skip running this evening because when I finished my trifold it was already 7:30 pm and the sunset was at around 7:50 but I made up my mind last minute because if I skipped this one I would regret it. And so I went and ran 7.5k :)

On Wednesday I woke up an hour earlier to study for the economics quiz our teacher told us about the day before... I did half of the homework at the dining hall in preparation for the quiz and I think I did good on the quiz. I also got my grade from physics back :( I got a 75... And I had 78 on the two previous exams... If I slip I will end up with a C on that class. I did the physics homework due Monday with Courtney at the library after physics and I skipped calculus yet again. We finished the homework and parted ways, and I came to do my laundry. I also printed out my flight ticket! I'm so excited I'm going back to Panama for the weekend! :)

Finally Thursday! I woke up at 3:45 and my shuttle got here early so I rushed to Holly Dr. and he wasn't there... He was kind of lost and I found him in the parking lot next to the MSC in front of the College of Arts. I got to the airport super early, and got to my gate around an hour or two prior boarding time. I had Popeye's for breakfast at 5 am because I was starving and catch up on some reading (Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix). I got lucky that the seat in the middle of my flight was empty, for a second I thought I had the whole row to myself but after the doors closed a gringo sat on the aisle seat. I think that wasn't his assigned seat thought, because he sat when we were preparing to take off and he knew the guy across the aisle. Damn him, I could have had the whole row to myself. When I landed my mom and grandparents came to pick me up and we went to Sheraton to eat sancocho where we met with my aunt too :) After that I went to me grandma's house to chill until Patty and her friends had dance practice for the choreography. We went to the local where the party is gonna be held and it looked cool. The decorations where halfway through and it looked really nice. It pained me that they used the pictures Patty took with another photographer and I think mine were far more better but oh well. Then my dad came and we three went to dinner at 'LeƱos y Carbon' which was yummy :) When I came back home I Skyped with Rod until my mom interrupted our call short. I also finished the whole box of the Soccer World Cup album stickers and then went to bed after a very VERY tiring day.

On Friday I woke up after noon and had my usual for lunch! Mac and cheese with chicken strips! I love it. I went to my grandma's house to take Patty and her friends to the venue, and while we were waiting to go there I finished my second box of stickers for my Soccer World Cup sticker album. I only have 100 stickers to go. I saw Carlos, the choreographer, I missed him so much! I also helped with the decorations, specially in the candy house Tia Rosa was making. 

On Saturday I woke up at 7:15 am because me and my friends were going to El Parque Omar to run some, of course only Tommy, Andrew and I ran while the others walked. We had breakfast at the Golden Unicorn, some yummy dim sum; but it was kind of awkward... Nobody was talking and it was cut short because Lionel had to leave... Yeah, that wasn't my idea of a fun day with the gang. After dropping Tommy at his house, Rod and I went to get some ice cream and they finally had the strawberry-vanilla combination! It's been years since I have had that. When I came back home and showered my dad took me to see my grandma. We had a good time, we read the chinese newspaper and talk for a while and then I came home. Today's Patty's Quinceanos! So see you next week :)

I also did my make up for the first time, following some Youtube video tutorials, Alex told me it was better off with the light colored lip stick but I actually like the red one. I don't know which one to use for the party, I guess we'll see.