Friday, April 25, 2014


Wow, how can I start describing this week's Monday? It all started with a good pee in the morning when I checked in the grade I got for my second economics exam, and I say good pee because I got 23/20! That more than an A and my GPA for that class went from 70something to 90! Class was boring... yeah, but I'm feeling so good. For physics, we got to get out early because we finished all the material for the final. Then I went to the library to study for my calculus final test, and stopped by Starbucks first. I was wearing my Superman shirt, and the cashier wrote in my cup 'super girl'; that seriously made my day even brighter. I study calculus for a few hours, and this is the readiest I've felt for a calculus II exam. I didn't do horrible but I do think I could have done better, I'm almost sure I got more than half right. When I came back Kaitlyn reminded me we had a Hall meeting for check out next week, and afterwards some of the suite mates came to our room to hang out. I finished my leadership paper and then chill out. It was a really good Monday despite how I did in calculus, and it for sure is the best Monday of the term, since it's the second to last and in the next one I have two finals. And I finally got to experience one of those girl nights with my suite mates talking about sex... Of course I didn't have much to contribute to the discussion but this is what I imagined college to be like, it was pretty entertaining.

On Tuesday I went to my last leadership class! It was bittersweet, I'll miss my classmates. This class was one of the best classes I've had (if not the best). I returned my Leadership book to the library and bought a new USF hoodie to retire the old one :) I also went for a run but it wasn't that good of a run... I wasn't just feeling it, I had been in the cold of my bedroom and came from an intense 5k. I just hope I pick it up on Thursday. Today is homework and paper night, yay! Since I finally solved my calculus project I can now write about it. I also registered for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon! Taking place January 10th, 2015 :)

On Wednesday I finished my last physics homework with Courtney at the library! And I also got my calculus II test back, I got higher than the average which was 58, I got a 60 LOL! Anyways, I'm actually happy with that 60 haha. I've written half of my calculus paper, which is what's going to save me this semester if I do well. 

On Thursday I got up early and headed to International Plaza, I took the HART bus and got there in an hour and 10 minutes which is really not that bad. I got my feet fitted, and it turns out that I overpronate, and have a medium arch so I got fixed to a running show that will help me balance my weigh evenly. And after trying out that shoe I could really feel the empty gap in my old Asics. I bought the Asics Gel Kayano 20. And since I was in the mall I went to Forever 21 and bought a couple more leggins and a really cute headband :) I also bought my mom some leggins because she asked for. I had Burger King for lunch and it was totally disgusting... It tasted so bad, and I don't think it was because something went wrong, but because it's been so long since I've had Burger King. I finally ran a decent distance, 8.25 km, and with my new running shoes. They felt pretty comfortable but I could feel the heaviness in my legs. Also I felt some impact in the front part of the bottom of my feet. Nevertheless, I feel happy I ran that far :)

On Friday I woke up early because I was planning on going to the last optional session for physics but I decided not to go, I was also gonna meet with Ricardo to study economics but we didn't have enough time before his next class so I did the majority of the take home exam that morning. I was also going to meet up with Courtney but she stayed at home to finish her calculus paper. This is going to be an all nighted night at the library. I have to finish my economics take home exam, study economics, study physics, finish my calculus paper and write my economics globalization paper. And I kinda want to finish all that tonight, kill me right?