Monday, April 21, 2014


What have Mondays personally do to you? Yeah, I know, you have to go to work or school; but that's not Monday's fault, that's your government/boss/principal's fault. If Monday was a person, he/she would be pretty sad about all the hatred toward her (let's assume is a girl). I know I'm in good terms with Mondays right now because I've had a good one, but I do admit that I will hate it back again next week because I have two finals. 

The point is, Monday has done nothing intentionally to harm you. So stop intentionally harming her. Spreading negativity and disgust toward her will make it worse. Even though you are having a bad Monday (remember it's not Monday's fault), show a appreciation towards her because she gave you another day to do something for your life. 

We should all love Mondays, because she loves us. She puts up with all the hate she receives throughout the year (heck, every single minute), and still serves as the day we all get our shit done. She sacrificed her freedom for all the other days of the week, and accepted the wave of negativity so the other days could receive a little love from you. Think about it, thanks to Monday, Tuesdays are not that hated and it gradually grows until Sunday. 

Thank you Monday, for giving us a day to be productive and a reason to love all the other days of the week. Just don't forget, that although we speak badly about you, we still appreciate your existence.