Friday, April 18, 2014

Week #51: CERTIFIED LEADER (04.14.14 - 04.18.14)

I had a bit of a late start on Monday, I thought I would have a head start in the morning because I woke up half an hour earlier to finish my economics homework, but halfway to the dining hall I realized I forgot my keys so I had to go back... So I really had a 'butt start' if you can call that something. I didn't finish the economics homework but I did copied for Victoria the one nobody got. I got my Forever 21 package and also the three pairs of running socks I ordered. The socks feel fine, I'll be testing them tomorrow though. At 5:15 pm I headed to the MSC because it was the "Celebration of Leadership" i.e. my Certified Leadership ceremony, sadly I had to leave early because I had class at 7 pm and I feel so bad! At least I understood what we were doing in calculus II. I had Pollo Tropical for dinner, and I feel so bad eating outside food. I wanted to go to the grocery store today but had no time at all, I just want to eat my fruit now (and I feel great just wanting to eat fruit). I also got a letter from Alex! I swear to you that just before picking up the letter I was thinking on writing to her wishing her luck in her finals, I haven't told her I received the letter, I'm gonna send her a response through mail. She basically wrote to me that she supported me in every decision I made and not to stress and she absolutely calmed me down. Although that was a week ago, that letter made me feel so much better. I'm so lucky to have a friend like her.

I had my last physics lab class on Tuesday, and it was our physics lab final. I think I did good, the bonus question was really hard but everything else felt easy. Since I got out early I went to the STEM lab to get some help in my calculus II project, and there were no tutors when I got there; but this nice guy helped me out. He looked like a junior or a senior and helped me a lot, and he was nice too :) I had to stop by the computer store to buy another charger for my laptop because I forgot mine in Panama -.-' It cost $80! I'm so sad :( I got a package from Amazon with my LifeProof case, the LifeProof armband, the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver and two mounts. I got a lot of stuff, lol. Plus I got some of it at discount because of my free six months of Amazon Prime. I went for a run with all my new gadgets. The LifeProof case is amazing compared to the one I had for the 4S, it's so light and not bulky at all. I carried the GoPro in my hand, I uploaded a video here. I ran 8 km! 

On Wednesday I was attended by the rudest cashier ever at Subway... She left the cash register with me standing in front of her, a co worker had to call her back telling her she had costumers; she came mad and did what she was supposed to do. I asked for a plastic bag to put my food in and she literally threw everything in it... I just hate the attitude some people radiate, you don't have to let everybody know how mad you are, specially at work. I did half the physics homework with Courtney since it's due next week and we haven't seen the other half of the material. Then I went to my calculus class and it wasn't boring at all, I understood most of it and I actually feel prepared for the test; but of course I need to study and kill myself practicing this weekend.

On Thursday, Kaitlyn woke me up... at around 9 am -.-' I went to the International Services today to get my visa signed in because it's that time of the year, although I'm not sure if I was supposed to get it signed because I'm still not sure if I'm staying over the summer. Then I went to Dr. Campbell (advisor who assigned my calculus II project) to show him my work to see if I was on the right path, and he helped a lot. Apparently I was not on the right path, but the questions he asked me I was able to answer. So when I got back I did this insane table on Excel and I think I found the answer. I went for a run, and felt super tired, also the impact of my feet was too harsh' that's a sign I need new running shoes. I ran 8.06 km though, and then I went to Starbucks to buy myself a reward. I ordered a Shaken Passion Iced Tea Lemonade blended, and it was AMAZE-BALLS! The cashier asked me three times if I was sure I wanted it blended haha. 

On Friday I went to an orientation for my study abroad program in Florence, I didn't learn anything out of the ordinary but it wasn't that boring because Jim is so funny. I was stuck in there for three hours! There was even a Tornado Warning while in there, but by the time we got out it was all clear. I went to the library then to study calculus with Courtney, we were supposed to go see Captain America today after studying but Courtney said she wouldn't be able to because she had to wake up early for work the next day. It was a really uneventful day, but I'm so excited because tomorrow is my first 5k! And I'm also done with this shit (freshman year) in a week!