Friday, April 4, 2014

Week #49: RENAISSANCE FAIR! (03.31.14 - 04.04.14)

On Monday I woke up very tiredly. I've been having problems when going to sleep, and I think it's due to stress. Remember the guy I told you about? Sam? Yeah, we are still talking as friends and I think he's pretty cool :) It would be really nice to have a close friend that lives on campus. I had an economics test today and I think I did pretty good, I just hope to raise my GPA on that class to a B or something. Physics was really boring, and after class I bought myself some Subway and went to the library to study some calculus before Courtney came over to study physics. We had a practice test and we solved it, so I'm hoping we are well prepared. I decided to skip calculus II because I'm so done with that guy, the simple thought of him just makes me wanna destroy little ponies and the happiness around me... Yeah, that's how that #@%!^ guy makes me feel.

Tuesday was a good day because I had my last physics lab of the semester! Although physics lab wasn't much of a struggle it helps me conceptualize the few weeks left of this semester. Leadership class was fun, today's topic was change and they totally mixed up the groups and I had so much fun. Leadership class feels more like a 3 hour recess where you have fun and learn about yourself at the same time. There after I went on a run, I was feeling very tired because the night before I only got to sleep roughly 4 hours. I just couldn't sleep, I didn't feel tired at all. Despite the tiredness, I ran what I had planned; 6.50 km. I then changed and went to the library and practice tons of calculus while eating the pizza delivered here. William came to me and asked if I could do him a favor and since he was here I gave him the remanning of my pizza so it wouldn't go to waste. I worked as hard as my mind went, and I'm pretty proud of myself. 

On Wednesday I had totally forgotten that I had a physics exam, I had studied with Courtney earlier but I was not mentally prepared for it. When I got in I saw the scantron in the big screen and people with it on their desks and I thought it was from the previous class but I noticed that they were all blank. Then I saw the people that usually sit on my row with scantrons and I was like 'oh shit'. I feel like a did good, I got the numbers right, so let's hope they are actually right. I went to calculus for the first time in like a week or so and actually understood what that old man was talking about, later I went to his office hours to talk about the second exam for another shot at the extra points, at the end he told me how to solve it because I had no idea, and now I don't know if he gave me or not the 3.5 points I needed to get a 50%. Then I asked him a question about my project, and he told me it was a good question which made me feel great because nobody had ever told me that I had asked a good question. I then left to the library a little confused as to if I had gotten the 3.5 points and couldn't focus so I went back to my dorm and just read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I was excited for Thursday because of my advisor appointment. I had to ask some important questions, including changing majors which I did. I'm officially a computer engineering major! I asked him about the calculus II class, if I fail it I can replace it with a better grade if I take it over the summer but that doesn't secure my spot on a calculus III class over fall. I talked to my mom and she says just to try to get to a C, if I fail well there's nothing we could do and I would come for the summer term. At 2 pm I had a meeting with Justin Fitzgerald from the Leadership program because he's my coach and I learned a lot of valuable things. He helped me with my leadership philosophy which he loved, and also with my resume. Then I biked to Walgreen's and Target to buy my aunt's medicine and a pair of earbuds because I lost the ones I had :'( I also bought Patty some easter candy to put in her birthday basket :) Her gift is going to be epic. I also noticed I was getting weird stuff on my feet because I've been running. They are not blisters but more like empty blisters? Or circles where my skin is peeling off? Well, I bought some band-aids for that as well. So I just ran 7 km! I'm so freaking happy, but when I got here I noticed I got a blister in my second to last toe :( It doesn't really bother me but that means that now I need to get running socks... Which are kind of expensive. 

On Friday I woke up early to go to a Renaissance Fair with Courtney and one of her friends! It was really fun and it had a lot of stuff to do! I did archery with an arrow and a bow and it's harder than it looks like, I also did the throwing knife thing and I actually got the knife stuck in the wood! I got a champion sticker because of that :) I had chicken and chips for lunch while Courtney had a turkey leg. We saw several shows that were actually really good, I was surprised by that. The bad thing is that it was hot as hell! Gosh, why am I in Florida... Then I went to Publix to buy some groceries and when I got back I decided to register in a run for this month since I can run 7k :) So I registered for the 22nd Annual Hare Racing Experience which will be here in USF in the Track and Field stadium and it's 5k, what worries me is that I can't run 5k straight, I need a little walking break in between but when registering there were two options: runner or walker. So I guess it'd be okay to walk :)