Saturday, April 19, 2014


Today I ran my first ever 5k! It was the HARE Racing Experience by the Epilepsy Service Foundation in the USF Track and Field Stadium. I signed up literally a couple of weeks before the race, thinking it would be a great way to start warming up for my big 10-miler in October. I never thought it would be such big of a race, and as well organized. It was pretty neat actually, the t-shirts look cool, we were time-chipped, and the racing packet had pretty cool stuff. 

 I got there with my mind set on finishing under 40 minutes, I started off at what I consider a good pace, but when my first update from Nike Run told me I was running under 7 min/km I automatically slowed down because I didn't want to burn out. I took about three walk breaks, and finished the race in 34 minutes, that's 6 minutes under my time goal! With an average pace of 6'50 min/km, which is tremendously faster than my normal pace that is around 7'50 min/km. 

I ranked 6th place in my age group category, that is from 15 - 19 :) And for my first 5k I feel so proud of myself. Specially because I just started running this February, that's less than three months ago! And I started running with 2 km, barely 3 km at the start. Now a days I can reach 8k if I work hard!

Planning on running another 5k before the 10-miler, maybe an Asics race back in Panama :) That would be nice. Got a lot of training ahead of me :)