Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hi Stacy,

It's April 1st 2014 and it's 3:07 AM. I can't sleep right now due to the shit load of stress I'm under. I just wanted to know if all the stress and sleep depravation I went through was worth it in the future. I really feel lost right now, just decided to change majors to Computer Engineering, I'm failing Calculus II and for the first time IN MY LIFE I'm really working hard to get good grades (working hard = working hard for real). Shame it took me half of a semester to realize that I should have started studying at the beginning. 

My roommate, Kaitlyn, is sleeping right now. Just a few minutes ago I was outside reading Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire just to see if I could fall asleep. I couldn't. I made a list of the things I have to do this week and the next to see if that would relieve my stress and it didn't. Should I just stay awake? I've never stayed up this late without feeling sleepy or tired. 

Well Stacy, I just hope you are doing awesome and that you are no longer lost as I am. Hope you sleep good tonight unlike me.