Saturday, March 29, 2014


I'm a very undecided person, and when it comes to choosing my major I think that was the most important thing I had to choose. However, I was biased. Biased by the amount of people studying engineering, by the expectations people had about me (specially because I had a silver medal from physics olympics), pressure from both my mom and dad wanting me to pursue a career in a strong field. Now that I've finally cracked under the pressure and my mom has finally left me off the hook I have the freedom to choose whatever I want, and I had around a week and a half to choose due to my registration date. I looked into the college of architecture but it looks as they only offer a Master's program in USF. USF also doesn't have a graphic design major in tampa or industrial design, and I feel trapped because I have to stay here because of the good price. So I had to find the major I liked within the list USF has. I thought about Industrial Engineering, a little doubtful because it's kind of similar to Mechanical Engineering. But I really don't see myself doing the stuff an Industrial Engineering does. I know they have such a broad field of work at their disposal but I really don't like any of it. I started eyeing all the other engineerings; I liked the curriculum for Civil Engineering a lot, but I really don't see myself inspecting blue prints and stuff... So, I stumbled upon Computer Engineering. I never thought about being a computer engineering because I didn't consider myself a wiz at tech stuff, but a computer engineer doesn't only have to do with the hardware of a computer but also with the software. And I remember being good at programing in computer class at high school and I really liked it. So I decided to give it a try with computer engineering. Plus, computer engineering is the engineering with the highest rate of available jobs; yup, not industrial but computer engineering. And I would love to work at Apple, or Google, or work on a fun app or something. 

So that's all for now, wish me luck in my new major. Although I still need to declare it. 

And another note: It's okay to change majors if you don't feel comfortable doing what you do now, because what you study will be your area of expertise in the future and basically what you'll do your whole life from the minute you graduate. Just know that you need not worry about people's thoughts and opinions about you. You need not worry about people doubting you will make it in the field you choose. You need only worry about your happiness, and stability because that's what's really important. 

And here's a duck in the rain because it's raining right now ;)