Friday, March 7, 2014

Week #45: ALL ABOUT BEING HEALTHIER (03.03.14 - 03.07.14)

Uff Monday! Three more days until I'm free for spring break! Lately, Armando hasn't being showing up to the economics class... I just hope he doesn't fail because of that. I got my economics test back today, I got a 70 and I have mixed feeling in whether feel bad that I'm average or be happy that I didn't fail haha. After physics I went to the library and studied for my leadership midterm and finished my physics homework! Also on the way to the library I encountered the cutest ducklings ever haha. For dinner I went to Champion's Choice and had two small dishes of greens and tofu, it's been a while since I've had salad. Bored at night I decided to log into my Pottermore account, to see what's up; turns out it's a really cool site. The first time I tried it I got put in Slytherin, and now I'm in Ravenclaw. Honestly, I'd have preferred Slytherin haha. 

I had a rough night Monday night, I ended up falling asleep at around 3 am. And it wasn't easy because Kaitlyn got back around 2 am and she was making noises and hitting her head against the pillow to "fall asleep". I had to shushed her because it was stressing me out all the noise. I had my physics lab midterm and it was kind of a consensus test to know the status of our university or something. I really like these kind of tests because it reminds me of the physics olympics back in high school, those are some of me proudest memories back in the day. I got out of the leadership class because we had a midterm today, and I decided to go on a run. I feel so bad! I ran less than 3.5 km, and I felt so tired all the time. I think I felt tired because I haven't been eating as much, and because I went for a run when the sun was shining rather than going when it's sunset. Then I went to Publix because maybe the reason I didn't perform well was because I haven't had any bananas or green smoothies lately because I finished all my groceries from last week. Every time I go shop my wish for having a car increases more and more, and can't keep up with the struggle anymore. Since I felt bad from my run and because I ate Reese's (oopsie) I did a bunch of sets in my room, and also decided to yet again, start the raw diet. 

On Wednesday I decided to start eating healthier, and I had a raw lunch (bunch of bananas). Physics class was so boring! We watched a documentary about how to use a pocket watch to determine longitude while at sea... it was one hour long. I went for a run since I couldn't complete the whole set on Tuesday and thank God I completed it today :)

When I woke up on Thursday it was raining cats and dogs, I also got a text message warning about tornadoes! But at the end the warning was cleared and we all went back to normal. I had the brilliant idea of going out for a run in the poring rain... bad, bad, BAD idea. I didn't run as much because of the rain so that means another failed workout :( I came back soaking wet and showered to get ready for a job interview I had at INTO USF and it went well, I really hope I stood out since it was a group interview. I had Pollo Tropical for dinner, and I'm still doing my one raw meal a day and today's was a green smoothie for breakfast. I really want to look nice for spring break but I feel that I've lost all my motivation :( and I don't know what to do to regain it, I was in such a good track. I JUST FEEL SO FAT! :'( last week I felt slim and very confident, I don't know what to do with my life anymore :( I feel like Momo haha. 

One thing I will not miss this spring break week is waking up to the sound of Kaitlyn getting ready, or Carmen changing the trash bins, or Olivia and Abby talking like there was nobody here sleeping; how inconsiderate. Friday morning I woke up to all three of them... First to Kaitlyn and I went back to sleep, then to Carmen and I went back to sleep again, but Olivia and Abby were the cherry on top that woke me up... I'm so pissed. I went for a run after hours of nothing to do and ran more than 4.5 km! I decided to take a run in the sidewalk instead of the trail because I was getting sick of the trail. After the run I decided to stop by Fresh Foods to get ingredients for my smoothie and ended up eating two slices of pizza LOL, guess I deserved them haha. 

I also received my certificate for being part of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars :)