Sunday, March 23, 2014


Sunday I was walking towards the library to get some shit done, and right when I was near Castor Beach a cute guy approached to me and said: "Hi, my friend here is very shy and he thinks you are cute". Totally blushing I said thank you, and his friend introduced himself. Sam's friend left and said that a cute girl like me shouldn't be walking by herself to the library (blushing 110%). Sam then offered to walk me to the library and we got to talk a bit. I totally knew what he had in mind but I couldn't build the courage to tell him that I had a boyfriend. We talked about our majors and stuff and he seemed pretty nice, he even told me I seemed like a very good person. When we got to the library he asked for my number and afraid to turn him down I gave it to him. Sam was really cute, with brown hair and gray/greenish eyes; he seemed like a gentleman and was very sweet. This is the first time a guy came to me like that, and I liked that feeling. However, I feel bad because someday I'll have to tell him that I'm already taken, but I really want him to be my friend because I seemed pretty cool. Things like these boost my self-assurance and this was obviously the highlight of my Sunday :)