Monday, March 31, 2014


Today my great-grandma, Atai as we great grandchildren call her, turns 100! I can't believe it. She's the first born of all her 8 (or 9?) brothers and sisters, and looks like she's the healthiest of all, thank God. She used to baby sit me when I was younger and she was always very kind to me. While my older cousins neglected me for being the youngest, she came and played with me. 
I remember once Cristy, Yoyi and I were playing with some building blocks and I didn't know how to put them together. My cousins, mean as they were didn't want to teach me; then my great-grandma came to the room and she taught me. That might be the most colorful memory I have of her. 
What I love about my great-grandma right now is that even though she's old, and can't walk as she used to, she's still happy and says hi to children and smiles at strangers. Even in her grumpy days she always takes a laugh out of you. 

Happy 100th Birthday Felicia!