Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week #47: MILEY CYRUS CONCERT! (03.17.14 - 03.21.14)

Monday was said to be rainy all day and it was the moment I got out of my economics class. So far so good with my eating habits, I had fruit and whole grain crackers for lunch. I'm stressed though, because I have a calculus II test and I tried to study yesterday but couldn't. I understand the new concepts, what's hard is the integration itself :S thumbs up for all you college of engineering students struggling as I am. Honestly, I don't imagine myself studying anything else; business bores the crap out of me, I'm not that good at designing (I have the ideas but not the skills), and everything else I just don't like it. When I got done with the test all my hopes were down, I feel so depressed and sad :( 

On Tuesday I had my usual. I can't stress enough how much I love my leadership class, it's not the class, it's the group of people seating at my table. I just love them, they are so funny and good sports. I kind of feel bad because after class I ate ramen, not one but two! I went for a run and ran a little over 5 km, which was good. I felt the run wasn't that good but compared to my last run I ran further and faster! While running I saw a cute little grandpa riding his bike with a orange flag and a fluorescent vest so as to warn drivers he's riding a bike. And to top it off he was carrying things to recycle which I saw him pour into the recycling bins! So cute :3 I just have a weird love for old people.

Wednesday, was boring while at economics class because Ricardo didn't go. Armando is as usual guessing the answers as if he knew what was going on... And Victoria was playing Minesweeper on her phone. The funny thing is that Victoria knew what to exactly do for the class activity. I really need someone to talk to in that class... Otherwise I equal the quality of human characteristics as somebody who is dead. So after the first five minutes at economics class my day was practically dull. I went for a run at the track in the gym, and went for dinner afterwards at Champion's Choice. I kinda feel bad because I ate past and two slices of pizza (and a cookie too but shh), but hey... I'm getting into my period so I have an excuse. I got an email from INTO USF, the place I applied for a job and had a group interview the week before spring break, and they want to have a second interview! Then it came calculus and I got my test back :( I got 32.5... But I can better it up to a 50 so that kind of makes me feel better. I know I can pass this class but I'm seriously thinking about changing majors :( I'm at the library right now, studying the material we saw today, I want to get an A on the next and last test! I was also texting with Jose David while at the library because he was helping me with math and congratulated him at midnight because it was his birthday! I stayed at the library until 12:30 am, which is the latest I've stayed ever. I also Facetimed with my mom, because I was down because of my test grade and she always encourages me not to change majors.

I woke up early on Thursday, tired as hell because I stayed up last night watching Pokemon on Netflix. I went to the Study Abroad Orientation session, which was kind of informative but pretty obvious stuff. Then I went to my second job interview at INTO USF *crossing fingers. After that I had an advisor appointment to release the holds I had for registration. Finally I went to the Health Insurance office to release that hold as well. It's been a very busy day so far dare I say. And at last! It was time for THE MILEY CYRUS CONCERT! I met up with Sam and her best friend Juan, who turned out to be super awesome at Fresh Food to have a bite before heeding out. We then met with Grace and drove downtown to Tampa Bay Times Forum. When we got there we took some pictures and Grace and I bought Miley Cyrus concert shirts (the less obscene they had of course). The concert was amazing, the props where perfect, her entrance is the best entrance I've ever seen, and the concert was not just a concert; IT WAS A PARTY. I danced, sang, and had fun like ever before. The closing was spectacular, ending with We Can't Stop, Wrecking Ball and Party in the USA. And after a long day I had a late bite at Fresh Foods with Sam and Grace and then headed to bed. 

On Friday I woke up to go do some physics homework with Courtney and we nailed it! I got over a 100% on the homework and randomly decided to go see Divergent since it came out that same day. We went to see Divergent and were almost late to the theater! The movie was awesome, and OMG, the thought of Tobias just melts me <3 I had an awesome time with Courtney as always :3 She's a really good friend.