Saturday, March 22, 2014

FREE CONCERT - Miley Cyrus

So, during spring break, USF Housing noticed on Facebook that they had vouchers to redeem free tickets for the Miley Cyrus concert! Lucky for me, I stayed during spring break so I went and got 2 vouchers (equal to four tickets). First, I asked Courtney if she would like to come with me since she's the first person I thought of, but she said no because she's not into that kind of music and didn't want to take the ticket away from someone else. Which now I think was the right choice because after asking in the suite mates group and nobody texting back, or texting back they couldn't; Sam texted me saying she heard that I had tickets and asked me if she could come with. Of course I said yes, thanking God that I had someone to go with. She then asked if her best friend Juan could come along with and I of course said yes. Grace also joined the group, which was weird because I asked the whole suite mates group, she should have read it; nevertheless I'm glad she responded back through Sam. 

Before going to the concert we had a bite to set at Fresh Foods, and there's where I met Juan. He's a pretty cool guy, plus he's Venezuelan. I have a keen for Hispanic people. Then we headed out to downtown to Tampa Bay Times Forum and parked a few blocks away (Mental Note: every time you go to a concert park a few blocks away on the side parking spots. $1.65 vs. $15-$20). 

Our seat were not that bad, we were right above Miley and it was amazing! The only thing though was that we couldn't see the screen very well. Miley's entrance was amazing! A big Miley face appear on the big screen and a tongue started coming out of the screen's mouth and making a slide which Miley used to slide later. Her vocals were right on key, the props she used were stunning, and the song set list was perfect. Even though I didn't know every single song, I danced all night long and it was very fun. Miley was not only crazy which I expected from here, she was sincere and funny. Miley has an awesome personality, and a very good musical talent. The ending of the concert was spectacular too, she ended up with "We Can't Stop", "Wrecking Ball", and "Party in the USA"; which  I think were the perfect songs to end the concert. 

I have never had so much fun during a concert. As Miley said, this was not only a concert, THIS WAS A PARTY. And I feel so lucky to have gotten four free tickets! This definitely was a whole experience and I couldn't have asked for better people to share it with. 

And here's a clip of my favorite parts of the concert :)