Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I miss the sunny days where the sun rays came through my window and woke me up, then my mom knocking on the door thinking I overslept and me telling her that I'm almost done. Pulling my purse from my BFF and LOL rack I've got hanging on my closes and grabbing my keys with the donkey keychain my mom got me from Greece. 
I come out running in the dark hallway, and meet my mom at the door. She's all ready waiting for me and asks me if I have my keys, wallet, and license. I say yes without even checking and my mom hugs me and waits until the elevator doors open to close our main door. 

That was morning routine with my mother, and although I sometimes thought it was awkward and too-much-mommy-like, I miss that. The thing I miss the most about studying abroad is my family. We are very close, we have lunch at least twice a week and never run out of topics in conversation. My grandpa always has this new project he's working on and my mom and aunt help him giving him opinions. My grandma listens quietly while keeping an eye on my great-grandmother since she's a little lost. Me and my cousins talk about what's trending right now, either be music, movies, or a new app or gadget. 

I miss those little lunch dates I had with my family, the impromptu family dinners when we all are craving something fancy. But I mostly miss my mom. She knows when I'm sad, she senses it and it breaks my heart that I break her heart. She's willing to swim every ocean to get to me if I'm feeling down (and I'm not kidding, she offered to fly out to Tampa when I told her how sad and miserable I was). 

I miss my comfy food, my bed, MY BATHROOM, the smell of my house, my friends, my TV, even my desk. The change of desks makes a huge difference in my studying routine. 

Anyway, I miss loads of things; but what I miss the most is my mom. She's my rock and although I never saw her that way when I was younger I do now. And I never miss the chance to tell her that I love her too and to text her or send her a silly picture because she keeps me ground and sane. 

You never know what you have until you go away to college, just be smart and don't let it go while abroad. Keep a tight hold on things and love ones and don't let go, ever.