Saturday, March 15, 2014

Week #46: SPRING BREAK 2014! (03.10.14 - 03.14.14)

Monday we (Alex, mom, dad and I) went to Busch Gardens, and we rode every single roller coaster except Guazi because it was closed. It wasn't cold or hot or rainy so it was an awesome day; however, it was kind of full. It's been the fullest I've seen the park since August, and it most be because it's spring break. We had an awesome time and after a long day we headed to Olive Gardens for dinner :) Before going to Busch Gardens we ran a few errands (USF credit union stuff) and I gave my dad and Alex a mini tour of the university.

On Tuesday, Alex and I went to Adventure Island! I bought the Fun Card which is good for a whole year! I'll definitely go there later on to relax in the sand or something. It was a lot of fun, we were alone because my parents decided to take the day off. We went on every single slide and they were so cool! Adventure Island was also kind of packed but there was no line longer than 10 minutes. After a tiring day at the water park we went to an all-you-can-eat-hibachi-and-sushi restaurant called Koizi, just outside my parent's hotel. It was good and worth it, I would love to go again to that place. 

On Wednesday we all went to downtown and I redeemed the vouchers for the Miley Cyrus concert I was given by the USF Housing Office! I got 4 tickets for the concert for free! We also went to the mall and had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, it was hummers :) I had a Reese's Cheesecake. Then it was shopping time and I had a blast, I bought a lot of stuff and I love it all. I even got my denim jacket I've been wanting. At 8 pm we headed to Bern's Steakhouse, a place my dad has been longing to go since forever. And he being there was just like watching a kid in a candy store, it was rather cute. The food was delicious, and I really loved the baked potato. 

On Thursday we went to my first New York Yankees game at the George Steinbrenner Field and it was so awesome! We all went navy blue and white (except for my mom) and we sat on the first base side, row N seats 11 - 14 (almost at the end of the stadium). The seat were pretty cheap, $29 each. I had a pizza for lunch and it was better than expected; I even like it better than the pizza I had for dinner at a fancy restaurant, Maracroni Grill. The game was against Baltimore Orioles and we won 6 - 0, I still am a Boston Red Sox, but in this game I was rooting for the Yankees. Before the game we stopped by Barnes and Nobles and I bought a couple of things, including a Calculus II for Dummies, LOL. After the game we went to Whole Foods because I wanted to see what was the big deal; it had a lot of cool stuff but I felt it was over prized. We then went to Target in search of some rain boot and I found everything but rain boots, *sigh. 

On Friday we had lunch at On Top of the Palms, a buffet on the third floor at the MSC. The food was not that great but the soup was pretty good, it was corn bisque. Afterwards we went to Busch Gardens for the second time, we got there a little late, around 2:30 and we saw the Iceploration show and rode a few roller coasters. We then had dinner at Chili's and I tried their chicken enchiladas for the first time and it was amazingly good :) Then we went to Publix to do some grocery shopping and I bought quite a lot, I even bought 12 packets of ramen... haha. But I'm happy with our trip to Publix because I got to buy tons of stuff all at once, and I got a lot of fruits! It's gonna be a healthy start next week to detox all the junk I ate this week :)