Thursday, July 18, 2013

Look at What I Found!

So my friend Alex told me that I couldn't draw and I proved her she was wrong with some drawings I did on  2011 in a drawing class. I love to draw, and I feel such at peace. Too bad I'm not that good

This is my first portrait. I have no idea who that lady is haha, but I think I messed up her nose. 

This is a town with a chapel at the center, and this is the one everybody likes. It looks like a cartoon. I loved making this picture, some tips: draw lines on the streets so they look used, and make brick uneven so it looks more cartoonish. 

This is suppose to be Rod's baby brother when he was born, his name is Ricci (or Richie for Ricardo) and he was born on 2011 so I drew this literally a week or two after his birth. What's very characteristic about him was his chin.