Wednesday, July 17, 2013


How can we understand people if we can't even make sense of what's in our minds? How can we help others we we can't even help ourselves? Maybe the answer is that you can't survive without human contact. You bring to the table what you've got even if it doesn't help you issues. We share our wisdom with the people that we love with nothing in return, and we receive advice from those who think could be useful. Many of you may disagree with me thinking the world is not what it used to be, or that humanity has never had compassion towards our own kind. But I always like to see the bright side of things, and hope that some stranger will do something kind for me as well as I'd do for any other human being. Kindness starts within ourselves. We have enough power to encourage people to follow our lead, and one at a time we can change this world's view into a better future. Hope can't be the only source of force that will change things, hope is only there struggling with the weight until enough of us care to help. I believe in human kindness, and I do everything I can to turn a bad day into a great day to strangers. Doing something has giving tips to a cashier, or petting someones dog. Those are the things that warm my heart, and motivates other to do the same. Humanity is in its way to better things.