Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm Plain Naive

I used to trust people and expect to be trusted. Truth is I trust everyone and they don't trust me or I trust them and they take advantage of me. Recently I got hit by reality. I used to trust this person I considered one time on of my closest friends. Friends warned me she wasn't what she seemed on the outside but I protected her like a loyal friend would do. Turns out she's the monster everybody talks about and I realize after I got hit. I have learn the hard way to trust. It still hurts that as time goes by less friends you have, it breaks my heart that I gave her a lot of my love and care and received gossip and judgement from her. I lost a friend today, but I gained wisdom and certainty in who my real friends are. I wish I could say I no longer trust as hard as I did, but that's simply one of my flaws. However, I do consider that flaw as a strength because I rather be hurt than to hurt someone. I'm plain naive.