Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week #11 (07/08/2013 - 07/14/2013)

So on Monday I made my daily smoothie, but used organic blueberries instead of the other ones. It tastes so much different and it's definitively more tasty. I'll keep buying organic blueberries and maybe perhaps buy organic strawberries too. I spent the WHOLE day doing homework, and let me tell you it feels AMAZING to have finished before 10 PM. Obviously I didn't do homework the entire time, I watched some Youtube and played Hay Day in between. I heard the new song by Willow Smith: "Summer Fling" and it's really good compared to her previous work, it's very: Cali.

Tuesday! Was so boring... I was in 9gag the whole PreCalc class haha. English was fun though, because I made the Essay #4's Draft (which was optional) and the professor was very excited. I mean, I was the only one who turned in the draft and he was comparing me to everybody, lol. I like being exhibited and putting my shy face, it makes me feel responsible. The professor said this at class and I quote "All of you are slackers! While Miss Kam was the only responsible one" it was so hilarious. I don't mean it in a rude way because the essay was optional and the "slackers" didn't get point taken for not doing it, but I do hope the professor gives me some credit for turning it early. I spent 4 days making the essay, it better be good. Today was the cookout at FSU, and I didn't go as expected. However, I ran into Diana who told me she was going to be there for something to do with AEISEC (?) and I picked her up and went to lunch with her at The Plaza. I catch up with her while eating four slices of pizza. After lunch I went to Trig class and well.. did the usual: NOTHING. When I came back home I read a little (progress: 56% of One Tiny Lie by K. A. Tucker), watched some Youtube (becoming SUPER ADDICTED) and tried to do my Trig homework for Thursday. At night I decided to make a video. What's trending right now is doing videos of you talking by drawing something, and I did that with one of my poems: I Will Stand. Here's the video: Draw My Poem: I Will Stand. I'm really happy with the product, I can't wait to have my MacBook Pro and start making more videos.

It's Wednesday and I'm still pretty happy with my video :) I went to the movies and saw DESPICABLE ME 2! and it was the most awesome movie I've ever seen in my entire life! I laughed the whole movie and I'll definitely buy the DVD. I went with Alex, Zhanzhy and Christian and we all had a great time together. I bought a Happy Meal at McDonald's because of the Minion's toys and so did Zhanzhy. After the movie we were at the food court entertaining ourselves with the toys, it was so funny, Zhanzhy's Minion kept falling from the skateboard while mine didn't. I miss Rod :( I haven't seen him in a while, he's coming Thursday to my house though. We also ran into Brandon and his girlfriend in the mall, and it was so awkward haha, not for me but for Alex. I was laughing to hard in the inside. 8 PM and I still haven't taken a look at my PreCalc notebook. I did my Trig homework in the morning tho. I love my Minion toy! I'll even take it to Tampa if it fits in my baggage. So my mom just booked the hotel she's gonna be staying in for my first couple of weeks at Tampa, it's a La Quinta. We've always chosen that brand when we travel because it's a good balance between price and quality. Besides, she's going to be staying in a hotel for two whole weeks. If it were for like a weekend I bet she would've chosen Embassy Suites. 

I did my third Pre Calculus Exam on Thursday and am absolutely certain I got an A, the funny thing though is that I didn't study a bit! I just took my notebook and wrote down the formulas, read them one time before the test and aced it. The day was really REALLY cold, when I woke up the sky was really gray and about to rain. At FSU when I finished my Exam I took a look at the window and it was black! I was like wow, when did it turn so dark all of a sudden. I must have not noticed because I was really focused on the exam. It was really cold at FSU and luckily for me I decided no to bring my jacket that day. Oh yeah, funny thing happened Wednesday night. I reached to Hannah (USF roommate) because it had been a long time since we don't talk and I don't wanna lose that bond we have. And we were bonding talking about Nintendo and Despicable Me and then she says "Oh yeah, I've been accepted to the Global Citizen LLC Community. I wish we could've still been roommates though, we need to hang out and stuff. You are really cool!". I got shocked by the fact she told me I was cool, but was saddened that she would be leaving :( The good side of this is that I checked on the internet and it says that I've got no roommate, does that mean that I'll have my own room? :D There's a USF Class of 2017 at Facebook and I just joined in. I typed "Any Latinos here? :)" The first comments were very rude and racist, like "None at all" or "Spaniard don't know how to colonize" or that "Latinos are worse than Native Americans" That's just plain rude! Anyway, several people responded and I got to see a couple of people from Venezuela and Mexico, one Colombian and Brazilian so far, no Panamanians besides me though. I am happy I'd be able to have Latino friends because that means we come from a similar background. Rod came to my house and we had a good time, except with the late night phone call because I was busy meeting Latinos in Facebook and I told him I was busy and he left kind of angry. I should apologize /: I did, feel much better. 

Friday was a not a very interesting day, I spend the whole day literally eating and trying to get some homework done. Thankfully I finished my trigonometry homework, and I don't  mean it as I was too lazy but that I didn't understand at all what I was doing. I used the voodoo mathematics method. I feel like a pig for eating so much, I didn't drink soda though. It's the second day in a row I don't drink soda, however I did drink grape juice and a smoothie today. I found a very fun Smoothie Challenge by Joey Graceffa and Sam Pepper and I think I'll do that with Rod :) At the end of the day I talked on the phone with Rod and we had a very interesting and fun talk. We talked about his and my future business, his a burger shop and mine a recording studio. 

On Saturday we did kind of a surprise birthday party for Keny because he'll be leaving for Canada next month, and this would be his last birthday with us. We bought bites of BBQ from Lenos y Carbon, and we bought a little bit more than needed. Andrew, Vivianne and I went shopping for the food, the cake, the drinks and the ice on the morning and the people came around at two to my house. We had a great time playing Heads Up on my iPad and talking and stuff. For next week we have planned a beach trip to Rod's house in Coronado, and I asked my mom if I could go and she was very skeptical which is worrying me because the whole point of this trip was for me to go because I'll be leaving next month too. She said she had to ask my dad, and I'm pretty sure he won't be happy with that. I don't know why my mom thinks I would have sex, or drink, or do any irresponsible thing. If she only knew I don't like doing any of those things, sigh. It's just like if she doesn't trust me, and that hurts. Also John got awarded with Taiwan's scholarship and my mom won't shut up about it, it's so SO annoying. It's like she's more excited for him than me, and also she now wants to go to Taiwan since John's gonna be there. FML