Friday, July 26, 2013

Week #13 (07/22/2013 - 07/28/2013) - Last Week of Classes!

Monday was 2013's most royal day, William and Kate welcomed their first child, a boy. I'll look back someday and will be able to say that I was alive when the future king of England was born. I was born when Beyonce's first child was born. I was born when the first black President took the office. I'm glad I've been born for these events instead of the WWI and the WWII. Monday has been a homework day. I have a trigonometry midterm on Tuesday and I have not paid attention to any class, wish me luck. I also reconnected with Grace, a couple of weeks ago I greet her through Facebook and it appeared that she saw it but never responded. I wrote to her today to have a safe flight and she said she had not seen the previews messages, so I was relieved. We talked for an hour or so and I really like her. I wish she was my roommate instead of the new one, I wish Hannah was still my roommate. I finished reading "Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse" by Rick Riordan over the weekend and I rate it 5 stars :) Right now I'm reading the book #4: "Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth".

Tuesday I was totally lost in precalculus, I got a 12/15 in my Essay #3, and did a trigonometry midterm. Busy day. After that I went to Rod's house and did a Smoothie Challenge! Well not me but Rod and Alfonso, how fun?! After making the video Rod and Alfonso played LOL, I even played a game. We ate Burger King for dinner and they messed up our other, surprise. Today was a good day, the smoothie video was hilarious and gross at the same time. 

Men will be men. 

On Wednesday I went out with Alejandra and Ambar, we went for lunch at a Chinese "fondita" and it was the one I'm disgusted with. I had some noodles and steak, it wasn't very good but the dumplings compensated it. Ambar's dad gave her money to pay for everything, he's an awesome dad, and then we decided to go to Yogurt Factory and make our own yogurt. I did a mixture of blueberry, strawberry and pina colada yogurt with Oreos and chocolate chips. Memo to myself: hold the chocolate chips next time. When we were in line to pay a guy approached to me asking if I knew a Rodolfo Naranjo, and I was like yeah, and he said your boyfriend right? and I said yeah, hmm who are you? And he said just a friend of his. He looked like he was working on a vending machine truck, but he looked too young to be the owner or whatever. I told Ambar to take a picture of him to send to Rod to ask him who he was, and he had no idea. That was so creepy. On our way back to El Dorado I made a wrong turn and we ended up in a highway toll, and to use the highway you need to have a highway card which I don't have. I got into the recharge lane and I was praying for them to sell cards at the toll, I asked if they sold any cards in here and she sais YES, and I started cheering yay! And the toll lady cheered with us, how funny! Back home I got a friend request of a guy named Harvi Castro, and I looked into his pictures and it looked like the creepy guy from Yogurt Factory so I told Rod about it and he was like "oh yeah, now I remember. I used to play Call of Duty with him but suddenly he dropped out of school and disappeared for like three months". That totally scared me more. I also met another classmate from USF through Facebook, he's from Pakistan and was asking me questions about the meal plans and stuff. 

On Thursday I got to talk a little bit more with Hamza (my USF classmate from Pakistan) and he was pretty charismatic. He's also going to USF knowing nobody so if we get to hang out we can make each other company :) Last day of classes finally! I didn't understand a thing in precalculus, I got home for lunch because we were dismissed early from English and trigonometry was a torture. I got a 67 in my trigonometry midterm :( After classes I hung out with Alex to catch up, we had not talk in a long long time. I also finished "Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth" by  Rick Riordan, and again 5 stars for the Percy Jackson series. So now I'm reading "Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian" the 5th and last book, this will be interesting. It already started with love complications haha. 

Friday began with stress. I'm so stressed out. I'm gonna do an Extra Credit for precalculus but it turned out to be very hard so I'm stressing out. Also I need to make up my grade for trigonometry or else I might get a C on that course, and I understand little to nothing about what's coming on my precalculus final. I'm freaking out and can't focus, therefore I'm procrastinating.