Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Movie vs. Book: Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

I saw the movie years ago, and just finished the book today. I started watching the movie again to remember how was it to compare it with the book, and it definitely changed the MINUTE it started, no kidding. The movie started off Zeus accusing Poseidon's son of being a thief. In the book we don't don't whose Percy's father until chapters ahead (off course you should know by the book cover or the description). There's no Clarisse, the capture the flag teams are totally different, the whole plot is different. The search of the pearls that appear on the movie is going to another level on difference, in the book they are just trying to get to California and the pearls are a gift from Percy's father. I didn't finish watching the movie because I thought it wasn't worth it, besides the fact that I've already seen it. There are a few exceptions on movies being better than book, this wasn't one tho. 

Book wins!