Friday, July 19, 2013

Week #12 (07/15/2013 - 07/21/2013)

How many times have I set an alarm early in the morning to get up and finish my homework early? TONS. And how many times have I actually woken up and did them? NONE. Yeah, those are usually my Mondays and Wednesdays since I have them free. This morning though I had to go to the bank for some errands with both of my parents, then we stopped by McDonald's and I had fried chicken. When we got home I watched my daily YouTube vlogs and also Tyler Oakley and JacksGap's new videos. Tyler's was from his trip to England. I want so badly to go to England. I finished my English essay before 2 PM and it was one of the hardest essays I've had to do. It was about Buchanan's assumptions in immigration - boring stuff. I also finished over the weekend the book "One Tiny Lie" by K. A. Tucker and now I'm reading "Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief" by Rick Riordan. I gave 4 stars to "One Tiny Lie", it was not as great as the first book "Ten Tiny Breaths", but I liked it overall. The Percy Jackson book has been really interesting. Usually the beginning of the book is what takes me the most because it usually starts slow; however, I read more than 30% of the book in one sitting. I was getting bored of romantic books, so now I'm back to fiction :) Oh my God, how crazy is it that I got a comment replied by Missy (from "Bumps Along the Way" and "Daily Bumps")? She was commenting about the pain she had in her ribs due to the weird shape of her uterus and I commented: 

It's the first time something like this happens, besides the RTs from Diego de Obaldia of QuienTV. I'm really procrastinating, like big time. I have not studied for any of my tests I have on Tuesday and I hope I won't be this lazy on USF. I found this song that somebody posted on my Facebook TL and its an original song: Going. It is very relaxing, there's something odd with the percussion but I like it :)

On Tuesday I ran into Mafe Wong at FSU, and I feel so sad and disapointed with myself. How can I be so stupid, dumb, and stupid times 100? I feel so below the social and intellectual status people around me usually are. Besides that, I HATE MY PARENTS, not hate them, but actually their actions and decisions. They won't let me go to Coronado because they feel a bad vibe.. I mean, I'm 18 years old and have proven to be very responsible and smart. Can't I just have fun one of my last weekends with my friends at the beach? It's not like we are going alone, or that I'm going to drink alcohol, I'm not even going to get into the ocean because I'm afraid of it. It's late and I confronted my parents as to why I wasn't allowed to go, I confronted them individually. Obviously being more tendered on my dad because one: I'm afraid of him, and two: because I'm daddy's little girl. So the thing is, my dad's okay with me going, the issue is my mom. Dad says she's being overprotective, and I hate it! Changing subjects, I can't believe I read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in less than two days! It's the first time I read a book so fast in a couple of months. And it wasn't a short book or anything, I usually take up to two days on books a little over 200 pages and about a week on books over 300, and this book was over 350 pages. I'm now off to book #2: Percy Jackson and the Sea Monsters by Rick Riordan. 

It's Wednesday and I finally have my new roommate assigned, her name is Kaitlyn and I just friended her on Facebook. I hope she likes me because I'm so apprehensive about making friends in college. Funny thing happened, like I mentioned on Monday I commented on a Bumps Along the Way video about Missy's pregnancy compared to Bella's, and in today's vlog she was watching Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2, the part where Bella was pregnant. Did I make that happen? Lol. I can't believe is barely Wednesday, I feel like it's Friday already. The week is passing way too slow.  I got to finish my math homework in no time and also did my draft #2 of my research paper which is due to Friday, I almost did my English homework due for next week... Almost. Rod's going to cancel the beach trip to Coronado since I won't go, and Ambar's kind of uncomfortable with Alfonso going; so I don't feel so bad about all this trouble since it's not going to happen. I'm craving of doing a photo shoot so bad, maybe I'll ask Patty or anyone to do it. 

Thursday was fine except that people told me there was a trigonometry homework for today and I had only one hour to finish it on the computers upstairs. Because there's something wrong with my username I asked Edward Mackay (Cristy's brother in law, I think) for help. I started doing my homework and was a little over half way through when a pop up said I had no time left, I finished at 66% and my homework average drop to 92%. I'm so mad at that guy because he uploaded the homework merely hours before it was due. Today I also discovered Edgar (my trig buddy) lives near me, and how funny is it that today I literally followed him on the way home. Not following him on purpose but we take the same route back home. I also drew some sketches including this one of my grandma when we were in Seattle. 

I drew her head kind of fat, not on purpose tho. 
Friday morning I woke up at 9 AM because I had to turn in an English paper, I drove all the way to FSU to find out that I had to turn in the draft too.. there goes my gas money, the professor let me turn it in on Monday so I wouldn't have to come back again. So Alex just told me that she's going to Penn State next January which is super exciting! I admit it, I was a little jealous but I'm glad I chose USF because I'd be saving tons of money for tuition since I got the scholarship. Also, I would likely get Cs or Ds at Penn State.. Why pay so much if I'm going to be qualified as a mediocre. Anyway, I'm so happy for Alex because I know she will survive and experience what she's dreamed of. I'll stick to my goal of being a magma-whatever-it's-name-is and go to a good college for my masters. I finally bought my student annual pass for Busch Gardens! It was only $50 compared to the $200+ of a normal annual pass. I'm not sure which privileges I get with this pass though. And I scored another friend, booyah! Her name is Grace and she added me on Facebook a couple of days ago and she's chatting with me right now. How cool is that she's also majoring in Engineering!? At night I looked again at my classes and arranged my classes for this Fall, hope all the classes I want at the time I want are available. I would literally die if things don't work out as planned.