Saturday, July 6, 2013

Week #10 (07/01/13 - 07/07/13)

It's finally July!! Way past half the year! What about that? Oh my God this year has gone so fast, I can't believe next month I'll be moving out of my country! I can't believe this is my last month at FSU. July's not gonna be a very active month, rather a very busy one due to college and stuff.

On Monday I finished "Beautiful Disaster" by Jamie McGuire and I literally gave it 5 stars! I said when I was halfway through the book that how can it get more interesting if the happy ending already happen on the middle of the book. Wrong was I, the story got more complicated and I liked it a lot. Now I'm gonna star reading "One Tiny Lie" by K. A. Tucker which is the sequel to "Ten Tiny Breaths", now this one is the sequel to the little sister's life when she's off to Princeton. This should be exciting. Now that I'm going off to college I like to read novels related to college, I feel related to them. The rest of the day I played Hay Day and did a paper due Tuesday, as always at last minute. Also a very big bird landed on my window! It's called Gallinazo here in Panama. It was HUGE, it's the second time I've seen one of these at home. The first time it was in front of my car and I realized when I got in and totally froze. This bird was bigger than my printer! And when he landed it had its wings all open. Traumatic. Also the total calories I consumed is humongous, I feel so bad. I didn't even realized I ate so much. I guess this is the purpose of counting your calories and I discovered that eating Mac and Cheese is not good. I consumed 2443 calories in total D: I also finished my paper in record time, I finished before 8:30 and I started today at around 5 or 4!

On Tuesday we went on a field trip to the library so they could teach us how to use the university's data base for our Final Paper (the research paper). After trigonometry, which was endless, I went for a froyo with Alex and bumped with my mom and that since they were picking me up because dad was using my car. I don't get why I couldn't use my car if my dad and mom went together to pick me up. At home I napped, read, and did nothing else at all; later at night I was curious if there was any photography course at USF because I have some spaces in blank - 3 spaces - and it turns out there is! Photography for beginners, Intermediate Photography, Advanced Photography and Special Topics Photography. It's so awesome that I can get to fill my blanks with subjects I like, there's also Keyboard Skills I so I can learn how to play the piano. How awesome is that? I think I'm going to take Photography I my second semester and then leave the other ones for my blank spaces in my last year, so that I can have some relaxation classes. Nothing is definite yet, but I do hope it works the way I'm planning. Countdown until Tampa from now: 46 days :)

On Wednesday I woke up at 8 AM and fell asleep again, that compared to the days when I woke up at 3 PM is such an improvement. It means that I'm getting used to waking up at 7 AM for classes. Alex came by because she had a lunch with some of her other friends nearby and it was easier for her to come here instead of her home. She came at noon and we hung out in the afternoon until 4 PM. Christian also came along, and I had forgotten how funny Christian was. I had a great time teasing Alex and laughing with them. I miss Rod :( it's been a while since I don't see him, I miss him so much. Lately our phone calls have been very short because we are both tired from college and doing homework. For dinner I had sushi from Sushi Express, a breaded roll. I'm always craving sushi but when I get it and am halfway through it I get sick of it, it's so weird. I think that's because there's took much of it. 9 PM and I still haven't studied for Thursday's English quiz :)

Thursday was a rough morning for me, I can't wait to go to Tampa and don't have to drive myself to school. I have tons of homework for next week, I'm gonna literally die from stress. At lunch I bumped with Alex at the library and we went together to the classroom, and she told me some gossip I'm really not content about... That saddened me the rest of the day. After class I stopped by Blockbuster to rent a movie and Rod was there to meet me, we spent like an hour searching for the right movie and ended up picking A Thousand Words starring Eddie Murphy. We stopped by McDonald's to buy some lunch and we used his discount from being from USMA. When we got to his house and decided to watch the movie we realized we left it in the car! And my car as at my place, so we would have to walk all the way there to get it so we decided to watch something online. We clicked on Spring Breakers starring Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudson, but the beginning was so sexual we paused it and started watching YouTube videos. Ricci, Rod's little brother, was bugging us all day. I was fine with it but it was getting into Rod's nerves. How cute that he now can greet you and say good bye, and count to 15 and also sing! It was so cute. Anyway, Rod was pretty pissed and that actually ruined our hang out. At the end of the day when he dropped me off, he was feeling ashamed and I was mad at him for ruining the day but I said something funny and we both laughed and that kind of lifted the tension and we were laughing. I love that even when we are mad, we can laugh at ourselves and be happy again. More than a couple of friends of mine applied for a Taiwan Scholarship, which usually awards people from my school because we are linked with Taiwan. But this year they only granted two and it was because Alhan and Sandra were the three highest positions at school, and those scholarships were set in stone. I thought my friends were going to get it, I'm really sad :( This year the scholarships organizations have been granting less and less scholarships than past years. I know how they feel, I mean, I lost a scholarship too with SENACYT; and let me tell you those people are VERY DISORGANIZED. They only thought that helps me through is that bigger things are waiting for me and I'll show them wrong. 

Friday was errands day, I woke up at noon and head out to pick up my passport. I finally have my Visa for college! No more paper work until orientation, YES! After that we stopped by the bank to get a new credit card for me for college; however, we didn't get anything done because my dad is the account's administrator and he's at the mine until the week after next. So funny what happened at the bank, here you can check it out: Spreading Joy? I also started with my Research Paper about the History of Lego, and so far so good. I hate research papers because you have to search and search and cite, and too much stuff compared to personal essays in which you just write. It's 10 PM and I've got 4 and a half pages from my 10 pages Research Paper. What am I going to do? I have only one more bullet to address and the conclusion, and that's not going to occupy more than 5 pages. I need to come up with more bullets or expand what I already have. I'm in trouble :( Close to midnight I was curious about the Lego collection I had, and went to the room it was to check it out. I was all dusty but other than that in perfect conditions. I moved them to my room and started playing for like an hour. I forgot how cool was playing with Legos, it's such a shame that I didn't had enough to keep building stuff.