Monday, July 8, 2013

YouTube Daily Shoutout #21 - Vlogs

So here are the Vlogs I've been addicted to for months! My first Vlog was It's Judy's Life, it's about the life of Judy, her husband Benji and Julianna. The Vlog started way before Julianna was born, it started as a Vlog for Judy and Benji's married life. So here is one of my favorite videos:

Another Vlog that I've became addicted this past week is Daily Bumps which is about a couple who are having a baby boy, and previously tried to have a baby but there were some complications. I think Bryan (husband) is hilarious and Missy (wife) is so adorable. This video I'm posting is about Missy's maternity shoot. I liked this video because I like photography and this shoot came out spectacular. 

A third Vlog I'm watching right now is from Anthony and Kalel. Yes, Anthony Padilla from Smosh. They are a couple, and now engaged and this Vlog started recently about two weeks ago or so. They are such a cute couple and definitely funny. The Vlog is called Watch Us Live and Stuff. And the video below is about one of their trips to Japan, and I couldn't stop laughing about Anthony's expression in the toilet. 

And this is a Vlog I discovered TODAY! It's about a gay couple who are now engaged and are planning their wedding! And in this Vlog they explain common questions people have towards a gay marriage, or relationship, or a gay wedding. I find it very interesting because I did had those questions and I'm so happy for them because they are getting married.