Friday, January 17, 2014


Teas have always been a beverage I avoided in Chinese restaurants, always asking for a soda or just water. I was always told that tea was a cleanser for your body and was made from natural ingredients. My grandma told me the story about the creation of tea, that was a very long time ago in Asia when a king began drinking it, I don't remember so well the story but it was used for medicinal purposes just like today. 
I've been trying to cleanse my body since I got to college, since I'm no longer distracted with family dinners and outings with my friends to crappy restaurants. I decided to drink a cup of tea every night this January, so I bought my first two flavors the weekend I made that choice. So on I bought two more flavors to expand my horizons, and now I'm craving to buy some more and more until I find the perfect flavor. 

The first tea I bought was Tazo: Wild Sweet Orange, which to no ones surprise tasted like orange. I did not like this one very much and since I bought it I've only drank it once. 

The second type of tea I bought was Organic Herbal Tea Tropical Hibiscus by Simply Balanced. Simply Balanced is a well known Target brand, and it's mostly known because all of its products are organic. I'm really attracted to organic food mostly because my whole life has been based on highly processed food. THIS is my favorite tea! I had already tasted the hibiscus flavor in a Starbucks drink, but this tea was DELISH!

I know each type of tea helps for different purposes, but I've heard green tea is the best of all. That's why I decided to buy green tea. I didn't know either that some teas contained coffee, so now I always check the ingredients before buying any. That's why I bought a decaffeinated Lipton green tea. Lipton is a very famish brand for tea and is mostly known for its iced tea. Green tea is good flavor, is very simple. It kind of reminds me to the tea Chinese restaurants serve. 

The las tea I've bought is from a brand I had never heard of: Harney and Sons Fine Tea, and it's the black tea flavor. There were other choices of different combinations of black tea, such was with coconut, cinnamon and many more but I like it simple. What I really like about this tea is the packaging. I mean who wouldn't like to take a tea back out of a beautifully made tin can, and talk about those tea bags! Those are not your normal paper tea bags, that's for sure. However, I'm not a big fan of black tea. 

I hope that throughout the years I buy different kinds of tea from all around the world and finish acquiring my taste for tea. Many teas are not that delightful to me because I'm just starting this tea business but I do hope to get plenty of different types of tea in the future to the point where it's a delight having so much to choose from, just like the potpourri chocolate boxes where you have one of each flavor and you never know which one to get.