Friday, January 24, 2014

Week 39: PENNY BOARD FAIL (01.20.14 - 01.26.14)

Monday was MLK day, that means no classes! Sadly that also means homework day :( I had a rough night the night before because Abby was being super noisy at 2 am! I surely cannot understand how people can be so inconsiderate... I woke up around 10 am and I ate like a pig! I felt so bad I did three short workouts, I jogged/walked, did yoga and some abs. I'm so not ready for Tuesday :( I don't want to go to class. From now on I'll try for every dinner to be just fruits and veggies, I'll try really really hard!

I only had one class on Tuesday and it was Fundamentals of Leadership, I'm loving that class more and more as the time goes. It's fun to do dynamic activities to learn about leadership, this class we had an auction on values and we had to bid depend ending on war values we prioritized. I planned to go to yoga but the class was full :( I also felt so guilty about eating so much crap the day before I only ate fruit (and pop corn, shh) for dinner. I'm really loving having mandarins for snacks or meals :)

Wednesday was the heavy duty day, with three classes and homework to do. I got to talk to Courtney again, she asked me to go to an engineering club meeting with her but I couldn't because of physics homework. I'm happy because I really want to be her friend, and we are going to a color run this weekend! I got my penny board in the mail today! Major fail: I fell and scrapped my leggins :'( Major win: I only fell once! Hooray for Stacy! 

Thursday I went to the University Mall in search of a new beanie because I can't find the one I had *sigh, I looked in Aeropostale, Macy's and Sears and NOTHING! I can't believe Aeropostale didn't have any. I went afterwards to Publix to buy groceries and then took a little nap, a nap that was interrupted with loud music! I got in touch with Tio Ricky for the Orlando trip I'm tagging along with, and we got all settled up, I'm so excited! I bought an ice cream (now I feel so guilty...) and I went in my penny board to get it and didn't fall off! I felt so guilty about the ice cream I went to the gym and burned almost 300 cal running, I'm so proud of myself. It was 8 degrees outside and I was walking to the gym in my shorts, and I was NOT freezing ;) I got back and showered, by the time I got out there were a bazillion people outside and I got shy and ran to my room, now I'm craving bread, which is on my desk outside, and I'm afraid to go out. 

I have an optional class on Fridays, and that doesn't make it any ease to wake up in the morning since it's my earliest class. Nonetheless, I woke up (tired and sleepy) and went to class. I had a nice walk back with Ricardo to the MSC and then biked to Target to buy a freeing beanie. Target only had one beanie that I liked :( and if I one another one like the one I had I have to wait until next weekend when I go to International Plaza with RJ. The saddest part is that the Target beanie costed over $12 and the Forever 21 one only costed $3! I decided to go to Target without a hoodie thinking it was gonna get warmer... very bad idea. I was freezing all the way there and back. I also bought a yoga mat! (although I forgot to use my coupon *damn it) I went to the library at 1 to work through some physic problems with Courtney, and I Penny Boarded there and fell! (yes again...) only this time on my butt and God that hurt, the bruise's coming and I know it. It was a little awkward at the library because Courtney's friend was there and sitting in between us but when he left it was a smooth sail, as always with Court. On my way to my dorm I fell again .-. I don't know why I even keep typing it if it's obvious when I penny board that I fall. I scraped the opposite side of the ankle (whatever that's called). I got my camera lens mug today too! It's so pretty <3.