Friday, January 10, 2014

Week #37: Cheesecake Factory! (01.06.14 - 01.12.14)

Monday was the first day of classes and I had it totally packed. First I went to Engineering Economics and I was lucky Armando, Ricardo and Victoria were in the same class as me. I bought my very first burrito at Moe's and it was the yummiest, I'll definitely buy more! Next I had physics, I was kind of excited because I like the curriculum of the class and I've heard wonders of the professor. The professor is super awesome and he's very funny, the class felt kinda long though. I went to the bookstore to pick up my books and I also bought Kaitlyn a gift since her birthday is tomorrow, I got her mustache tattoos that you put in your finger! I had calc II at 7 pm and the professor is some old guy with kind of a Russian accent that speaks so low #fml, and the class felt endless! When I got back I was starving because I forgot to have dinner before going to calculus, and I ended the night with a cup of tea from Simply Organic. I'm trying to drink more tea and eat healthier, yesterday I went to Publix and bought a lot of fruit; I bought grapes, blueberries, mangoes, bananas, cuties, and milk.

Tuesday was freaking cold! The high was 8 degrees celsius and the low was 0, the weather channel said it felt like -3. It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be but it was definitely cold. It's also my roommate's birthday and surprisingly she liked her gift. I went to my physics lab class and my leadership course. The leadership class was fun, we had a rock, paper, scissor competition and a bingo game (of people instead of numbers). At night me and my suite mates went to The Cheesecake Factory with a couple of Kaitlyn's friends because of her birthday! It was my first time eating there, and I rode with Ricki, Grace and Peyton. It was a fun-non-awkward ride and it was fun :) I had a burger and a Key Lime Cheesecake, on the way back we got lost and were headed the wrong way towards St. Petersburg because one road we had to take was close, anyways I laughed a lot and it was fun.

Wednesday was one of those days where it's just a struggle to get up, I mailed my USF transcript to my mom so she can submit my scholarship application and went to class. I find physics class interesting and funny but at the same time I get so sleepy, the class hour is just too long -.-'. I went to the gym after calculus and felt pretty great because I ran at a constant speed for half an hour.

I didn't have class on Thursday so I woke up to run a couple of errands. I tried to do the physics homework, which Courtney told me it wasn't mandatory so I left it halfway through; I got stuck it the middle to so I would have stopped either way. I also tried reading my leadership material but que va. Today was a pretty boring day, the only exciting part of my day was when I received my Forever 21 package and watched Catching Fire. I thought I would never see that movie but curiosity won me over.

My only Friday class was canceled so I decided to do all my errands, I intended to pay the study abroad deposit but the line was too long because today's the deadline to pay tuition so I decided to take care of that next week. I pumped some air into my bike's tires, they were super flat and I keep wondering why I didn't realize earlier on. I bought my physics lab manual at pro-copy and grocery shopped. I bought bananas, apples, tofu, lettuce, and milk; a pretty simple and healthy meal plan for this week. I napped, played Nintendo, watched YouTube, and time just seem to go slower each time. I had a tofu salad for dinner and ended the day doing absolutely nothing productive.