Saturday, January 18, 2014

Stampede of Service @ USF

In honor of MLK day (Martin Luther King, jr.) USF coordinates a community service  day where thousands of students volunteer to help in over 40 different areas in the community, that including Metropolitan Ministries, children's hospital, senior houses, farmer's markets, and more. This year we reached over 2500 volunteers and helped our community in honor of MLK. 

I got assigned in group 9, we went to a local farmer's market to help launch it. This farmer's market was run by a USF alumni and his plans are big, he wants his farmer's market to be as known as the Pike Place. I think it's awesome that he's doing a farmer's market in this area since there are none, and our healthiest nearest stop is in Sweet Bay where everything is hell-a expensive. 

Our groups was composed of nine girls and we all got along great. We helped set up the produce, making signs with they price tag and drawing posters promoting the local market. I couldn't believe at first how cheap they were selling their produce, 3 oranges for just $1.00! That's insane! The launch of this market was suppose to be a soft launch, meaning that they only wanted to test the routine and that they had everything they needed; however, a good amount of customers show up and bought a couple of things. 

I'm so happy I could be part of this thoughtful event and help those who want to help the community. You are so focus in waiting to receive something that you forget those who are giving it to you might also need help. 

After the work was done we came back to free food in the greek village! And I delighted myself with a Papa John's pizza and a FUNNEL CAKE! I kid you not, a home made FUNNEL CAKE!