Saturday, January 25, 2014


When I was in high school and friends with Rod, we carpooled very day since we were neighbors. On our way to my mom's car I noticed that he was missing a button from his shirt and asked him why, he did the motion of pulling both sides of his shirt to demonstrate how he lost it and BOOM! He lost a second one, now he was buttonless times two haha! 

I'm telling this story because yesterday when we were sky ping I decided to munch on a banana, and he craved it too since he saw me. He asked me "hey, wanna see how I eat the last bite of the banana? I just squeeze the end so it pops into my mouth" when he did squeezed his banana the whole thing fell to the floor! It was sad because it was half of the banana that fell down, and of course he ate it after it touched the floor... typical Rod. 

Retails of An Old Story: The Button