Saturday, January 11, 2014


So my birthday is kind of around the corner, February 2nd, and whenever I'm asked I never know what I want for my birthday. As a favor to Rod I will post a list of what I would like for my 19th birthday :)

1. A really cheap gift would be a Harry Potter bracelet I saw on Amazon.

2. A cute/geeky tea cup such as:

3. Anything that has to do with TMNT (sweatshirts, action figures, anything).

4. A Konstruktor which can also be found in Amazon.

5. A gift card from Starbucks, Forever 21, Target, Amazon, or Kindle :)

6. A book of your choosing, if not sure you can check my list where I list every book I've ever read, what I'm reading right now and what I want to read in the future. 

P.D. I kinda been wanting to own the Harry Potter book series *wink, wink.