Friday, January 3, 2014

Week #36: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014! (12.30.13 - 01.05.14)

On Monday I drove to my grandma's because Acun was going to take Patty's 15th birthday photo shoot and my grandma wanted me there to pose her, I got there and nobody was there but Eli so I played some Nintendo for about an hour until Tia Marilu got there. Then Apo, Acun and Patty got there with KFC and we ate. I don't know why Apo wanted me there if Acun did't let me pose her or anything... At 4 pm I left because Rod made a surprise dinner for me in Friday's since I'm leaving this Saturday, but it wasn't really a surprise because he told me about it haha. Only Vivianne, Andrew, Juan Diego and Alfonso came and I had ribs for dinner; afterwards we went to Rod's to play some poker and copy cat. It was a fun night, however I did lost three of my Nintendo 3DS games at my grandma's :(

On Tuesday I did nothing until like 6 pm that I started to get ready to go to my grandma's to celebrate the New Year. My cousins and I (sans Cristy) played some games along with Tia Marilu, we played Apples to Apples and we learned how to play Mahjong (is that how it's written?). My mom coached me, and dad helped Patty and Apo helped Yoyi. I won a couple of times but that game is seriously wicked, it has like a million terms and something weird to do with the wind. We ended up just playing without keeping scores. Then, we tuned in to Fox and watched the ball drop.

On Wednesday, the first day of 2014, I went out for lunch with the Kam Family. That includes my grandma, my uncle Ricky and Aunt Betty, my three cousins and two of their girlfriends. I kind of like Richie's girlfriend, Maria, she's kind of cool and easy to talk to. The food was not that bad and it had a broad variety, we went to Riu's buffet like we do every New Year. uncle Ricky told me that he, aunt Betty and Rafa are going to Disney on February and I decided to tag along, so I'm gonna go to Disney in mid-February!

On Thursday I woke up early, and when I say early I mean around 9 am, which really is early; to go breakfast dim sum with the losers. It was me, Alfonso, Vivianne, Andrew and Juan Diego. Rod didn't go because he was feeling guilty for eating so much in New Year's Eve. I didn't have much, just a couple of Ha Kaos, one Ham Pao and a Wanton. Then we came to my house to hang out, unluckily Vivianne had to go so it was just me and the boys. We played Monopoly, this time it was different because we made deals outside of the game so it was really hard to win. Alfonso, started super powerful with all these territories, but ended with very little money. He survived with a little amount of money for more than half of the game which was surprising. At the end, Rod won. I had a headache so everyone left and I rested a bit. At night I texted Brandon because I needed my Divergent book because I'm gonna sell it to Diana and I ended up talking with him for hours and hours. I went to his house around 9 pm and left at midnight. I always forget how fun to talk to Brandon is.

On Friday, Diana stopped by to buy my Divergent books and we chatted a little, then Rod came over to hang out for the last time in a long time. I'm gonna miss him so much, but I know everything is gonna be alright. Mom, Dad and I went to La Mexicanita for dinner, my favorite restaurant and that's pretty much it. It was a very lay back day.