Friday, January 17, 2014

Week 38: Skype with Alex :) (01.13.14 - 01.19.14)

On Monday I did my usual and went to classes, it's kind of fun to have Ricardo next to me, he's a funny guy. Armando is cool too, but he sometimes gets lost in the subject and starts Einsteining on me haha. I did a couple of errands throughout the day, I bought post stamps to deliver a letter to Alex, and I paid my study abroad deposit. I was supposed to Skype with Alex but she bailed on me... again *sigh, she could only Skype with me for a max of 10 minutes and I was not okay with that. 

On Tuesday I had my first physics lab, and it was totally what I did not expect. I expected something similar to my physic labs in high school but today was just solving a couple of problems individually. Maybe the future labs will be different but I kind of liked this style. I prefer physic labs to chemistry labs because we don't have to do reports! Woohoo!! I also had Fundamentals of Leadership today, and that is a fun class. It's long, yeah, but I like it because of the dynamics and the people. Since I'm surrounded by leaders those three hours I feel kind of more comfortable. At night I went to the gym and also to yoga class, yoga is pretty intense guys, don't let the welcoming the sun poses fool you. After yoga, I stopped for food  because I was starving and had a couple of pizzas and a sandwich (I feel bad about it but don't judge me). I also finally got to Skype with Alex, gosh I'd been waiting FOREVAH! I also skyped with Dorianne since she was there listening to us XD 
I sent a letter to Stitch, I hope he writes me back!

On Wednesday I dressed up lazily because it was going to be chilly outside, so I grabbed a pair of leggins, my Bruno Mars concert tee, my GAP hoodie and lazed on my boots. It was an OK day, I mean, I did nothing out of the extraordinary... 

On Thursday I had signed up to volunteer at Metro Min, but when the time came and I woke up I decided to not go. I went to Publix after lunch and bought tons of healthy stuff, and when I say tons it means like 4 or 5 haha. I also decided to go for a jog on the coldest day of the week, it was like 13 degrees outside but when you are running you can feel the wind in your face and it's horrible. 

On Friday I went to my Econ class and I finally wore my TMNT sweatshirt! It was cold, but it was worth it. After class I volunteered to help with the preparations for the SOS (Stampede of Service) but when I got there, there was nothing I could help with so I just left... how awkward. I went to Target afterwards because I'm planning on something to give Rod on Valentine's day, I came back and realized I forgot to buy a glue stick FML, so I stopped by the bookstore and instead bought some double-sided tape. Good I stopped at the bookstore because I found the perfect item to include in Patty's birthday box :) Then I spent the rest of the day making Rod's gift, it literally took me like three to four hours! That's how dedicated I am, don't ever forget it Rod. I also finally got my refund check back!