Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Don't Break the Chain 2014

Many of you might have heard about the "DON'T BREAK THE CHAIN" calendar, which is a method Jerry Seinfeld introduced. It consists on setting a goal to do every single day and marking it on a calendar, when you have marked several you should feel the momentum going on, preventing you from breaking the chain. Also it keeps you motivated and it pressures you to maintain the crossing of days in the calendar. 

Here's the design I found in

It doesn't matter if you start on January 1st or August 16th, what matters is not breaking the chain. 

The design was made into several other colors to print:

There's a video Charlie McDonnell uploaded, where he talks about the "Don't Break the Chain" calendar. 

I myself am starting the calendar with two activities: drinking water and exercising daily.