Saturday, January 4, 2014

Back in Tampa

So I'm back in Tampa to start my second semester at USF. I woke up at 4 am to take a flight from Panama to Miami at 8 am. I walked miles and miles in the MIA since I was dropped in the last terminal and I had to be in the first one. I got an error twice in the check-in yourself machine in American Airlines and almost did an unnecessary line if i wasn't that I wanted to try a third time. Now machines print your own baggage sticker and give you your boarding pass so you just have to literally drop your bag in the counter.
I had Pizza Hut for lunch since I was starving because I slept the whole previous flight and then I played some Nintendo DS while waiting for my next flight. When I got back I was kind of confused about what I had to do to take my shuttle but I quickly cleared the matter.
I got here and unpacked in about 15 minutes and was starving because I only ate half my lunch. Fresh Foods and the Convenience Store were close so I had to take the Bull Runner to the University Mall and buy something to get rid of my starvation. I ended up having Auntie Anne's for dinner because I wasn't craving any of the other choices.
It was a really agitated day, but thank God I made it here.

Although it seemed stressful or confusing, I like traveling by myself. I feel like a big girl :)

And about Tampa, the weather is so awesome right now! This week is going to go as low as 0 degree Celsius which is wicked for Florida. I'm totally loving this weather and I hope it stays like this until late February-early March.